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23. melbourne. music industry|event management student. i obsess a lot and procrastinate even more.
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In a law seminar and all I can think of is getting my hands caught in the hair of the guy in front of me.


play this on repeat at my funeral


play this on repeat at my funeral

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This made me laugh. A lot.

I have inflicted this pain on many an unexpecting American.

Harry: “How did you break your arm? In a bouncy house?”

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The Universe sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lives.
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This generation of girls are angry because they’re either too young for David Beckham or too old for his sons

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Alex Turner,
Late Night Tales


A Choice of Three- A Short Story Written and read by Alex Turner

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You can’t push yourself into feeling good. The only way to get over somebody is to feel really bad, cry to your girlfriends…and then to replay what you hated about him over and over in your head all day.
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The Wild Ones/ 16